Big Collection of Status, Quotes and Shayari (2023)

Everyone wants to update their Status on Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social media. It can be just Text Whatsapp Status or a Whatsapp Status Video. Some people like to add Whatsapp Quotes text & Images as their Status. Most people like Funny Video Status, and Video Song as their Status.

At Statusing we have a pool of writers who write and submit New Whatsapp Status Daily for you. If you are Sad then you want to add a Sad Status to express your feelings. Or if you are in Love then you will want to add a Love Status to express your Love.

We have Facebook and Whatsapp statuses in Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi Urdu as well as Whatsapp statuses in English for your also shayari content. We also have Romantic Status, Attitude Status, Motivational Status, Heart Touching Status, Sad Status, Funny Status, Alone Status, Cool Status, Best Status, Miss U Status, Emotional Status, Punjabi Status, Inspirational Status, Love Status, Angry Status, Gym Status, Breakup Status, and Birthday Status and Wishes.

Love Whatsapp Status 2023

Love Status for Whatsapp

Love is such a kind of feeling that when you start someone to like and care about someone and you feel happy with someone that is love. Now Love is made, and expressed via Whatsapp, and to make it easy for you to express your Love in words we have collected Best Love Whatsapp Status here for you. Just copy any Love Status in Hindi or English and express your Love and make Love on Whatsapp.

Attitude Whatsapp Status 2023

Attitude status in english

It does not matter if you show your attitude in Hindi or English if you want to show your attitude show in style. Attitude Status is very much in demand. It’s like people on Whatsapp like to show their attitude. Attitude Whatsapp Status is the second most read status on our website after Love Whatsapp Status. So people want to show your attitude? Why not check out our Attitude Status Collection and pick the ones you like to add as your status on Whatsapp?

Breakup and Heart Touching Whatsapp Status 2023

Heart Touching Status

Dam your heart is Broken by someone you loved dearly. You cannot forget that person as he or she keeps coming back into your mind and heart. we have the Best Breakup Status & Heart Touching Status in English and Hindi for you, and we are dam sure after reading our collection of Broken Heart Whatsapp statuses you will get some relief. Make sure you copy a few Broken & Heart Touching statuses and update them on Whatsapp as your Status who knows your Love might read them and get to know about your state of Mind after the Breakup and might come back to you.

Sad Whatsapp Status 2023

Sad Status

Oh! my dear, you are so sad today! No worries we have some of the best Sad Whatsapp Statuses here for you. Not just that we also have Sad Status in English and Sad Status in Hindi. Someone might have broken your heart and left you sad or someone might be ignoring you. Whatever the reason still you need to fight back you need to let it go. Sometimes you get the sad time you laugh this is what life is all about. So do check out our collection of Sad Whatsapp Status & Sad Whatsapp Status videos.

Romantic Whatsapp Status 2023

Romantic Status

It is a part of life that every single person is gone through some feelings called to love and the deepness of that love is called romance. So you are in a Romantic Mood today? And looking for Romantic Status for your Love. Want to impress your Love by sharing a Romantic Status & Quotes on Whatsapp? We have the best collection of Romantic statuses for Whatsapp.

Funny Whatsapp Status 2023

Funny Status for Whatsapp

Fun is a part of life without fun life is boring. Funny videos and lines are a source of happiness in the sadness of this world.  Also if someone you know is feeling sad today it makes sense you cheer him up, and the best way is to send some Funny Status or Video on Whatsapp.

Motivational Whatsapp Status 2023

Motivational Status

Motivation is such a thing that can take you from earth to sky, from bottom to top, and from nothing to something. It is one of the best ways to come over your failures and difficulties. If You thinking about Success, You Must Need Some Motivational  Status, Quotes, or Thoughts.

Cool Whatsapp Status 2023

cool status for whatsapp

If you find some Cool Statuses and Cool Quotes for WhatsApp, then this is the best place for you. Now provide cool status and quotes for Whatsapp, after reading these quotes guarantee you must share with your friends.

Alone Whatsapp Status 2023

Alone Status for Whatsapp

If you are feeling alone and want to express it then you can use feeling alone status on Facebook and WhatsApp to convey your thoughts to friends. Some people like to remain alone due to their attitude and they can use alone attitude status for Whatsapp and Facebook. 

Friendship Whatsapp Status 2023

Friendship Status in English

We always Share some special secrets and ideas with our friends rather than our Family. Check our provided collection of Friendship Quotes Status, and Share it with Your Friends.