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Muqaddar Ka Sitara is a new drama on ARY Digital and its OST song lyrics are worth listening to. The drama lead cast includes Arez Ahmed, Fatima Effendi, and Inayat Khan. Muqaddar Ka Sitara song is popular with fans and they are eager to learn how it is sung. For those looking to explore the profound meaning behind its words, this blog post offers a detailed analysis of the Muqaddar Ka Sitara OST lyrics in Urdu.

The drama’s beautiful OST song won praise from audiences across Pakistan. The talented singer Waqar Ali perform this song. Sabir Zafar wrote the lyrics for Muqaddar Ka Sitara. So dive in to get an in-depth understanding of the poetic expression of love found within this amazing song!

Singer:Waqar Ali
Lyrics By:Sabir Zafar
Composed By:Waqar Ali

Muqaddar Ka Sitara OST Lyrics

Dil Nay Bataya Mujhay Tu Hai Meri Duniya
Kar Diya Dil Teray Naam Sajhna

Ron’day Ron’day Umraan Langiyaan
Ankhaan Gham Day Wich Rangiyaan
Teray Ba’joon Mera Hour Koi Na
Ron’day Ron’day Umraan Langiyaan

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